Let's go Camming!

  Click "Go Camming".  Your device will ask for permission to use the camera and microphone- say yes/allow!

A box will now pop up showing you the image from your camera (yes, you look gorgeous!). You can tweak as you wish or even take a still snapshot to use as your lobby picture if you wish.

  You are now in the Lobby. This is where you can see who else is online and they can see you.

As a viewer, you will see your balance in the top right. As a performer, you will see your rate per minute there instead. Both are shown in Pounds and pence.

  Femdom Camming has a really useful Chat function, which will be visible when you're logged in and in the Lobby or actually camming. This can be used to message either the person you're camming with or to anyone else who is logged in. You will see a box with either "Server messages", "Performer chat" or "Global chat" and an arrow in it. Click the arrow to choose which you would like to access Where the Chat function appears very much depends on what type and size of device you are using, but can be opened out using the arrow, so is useable on even the smallest of phone screens! Click the arrow once to minimise it again. We have even added some emojis to save you typing time!

When someone sends you a message using Chat, the little Bell icon will flash to let you know. Just click it once to pop open the Chat box.

  As a viewer, when you see the performer you would like to cam with in the Lobby, click on their name and choose the Call Performer icon.

As a performer, you will be notified (as set by you as above) when someone is calling you. Click accept and there you go, you're camming!