Join Sunkat

If you are using Femdom Camming for the first time, you will need to join and set up your account, so from the home page, click the "Join Now" button.

  Follow the "Join now for Free..." link. This takes you to the main "Join Sunkat" page. The beauty of the new system is that you now only have/need one set of login details to manage your Femdom Camming, your ClipsFatale account and your Original Kink website, as well as your Mistress Directory profile and (coming very soon) Sunkat Forums. This central login saves you time, effort and also trying to remember more than a few different passwords!

  Fill in the form, which is pretty self explanatory. If you're unsure about what's needed from your password, there's even a link to explain that. Make sure you fill everything in, not least whether you are planning to use Sunkat to sell (your time on Cam, website memberships, clips etc) or to buy (cam with a Domme, become a website member, purchase clips etc).

  Click "Join Sunkat". You will now find yourself in the Sunkat Hub from where you can access all your accounts. Scroll down the page and click the Femdom Camming link.